Where to Look for a Real Ukrainian Girl?

July 31, 2017Posted by Admin


The Soviet Union was quite a closed country, that's why little was known about people in there in the rest of the world. Most of the information came in form of anecdotes, gossips, and media sensations. The only thing the rest of the world knew for sure, soviet people were Russians.

Why Ukrainian Girls are so Popular?

After the dissolution of the USSR western men got crazed on the idea of dating a Russian girl, but to their ultimate surprise it turned out that the country of the failed communism comprised from over 15 countries, with Ukraine being the second largest. So, after western got a little bit fed up with Russian girls, their attention switched to dating Ukrainian women. How that could happen? Let's have a detailed look at their difference with Russian women.

Attitude to Men

Russia was always known for its patriarchal laws, while Ukraine has always been a matriarchal country. Yep, the mother, and not a father, is the main figure in the life. Thus women are more free. Still, just as Russia, Ukraine wasn't impacted that much by feminism. So, what is the difference? Ukrainian women are more honest, because if the like or love you it is because of their feeling towards you. We are not going to say that Russian women are incapable of love, but their attitude to men is partly dictated by their patriarchal upbringing, where man is a central figure.

So, if you're into clear and honest love, look for a Ukrainian woman.

Attitude to Career

While Russian women are more family- rather than career-oriented, Ukrainian girls are into both at once. So, if you're dating Ukrainian girls be aware that it is unlikely you will put her into the housewife role against her will. So, when you're up to find a Ukrainian woman, ask her in advance whether she's into being a housewife, into career or both?

In all the other aspects, Russian and Ukrainian girls are the same. Which means that dating a Ukrainian girls, you'll get a beautiful lady, who's a fantastic lover, terrific cook, and a perfect mother for children.

Where to Find Ukrainian Girls?

So, where to find those magnificent women? Should you book a ticket to Ukraine? Why not? You can also go straight to Manitoba, Canada, there are about 1,5 million of Ukrainians there. Although you may want to move to Canada because of Trump, still, there are much easier ways to find a Ukrainian girl.

Internet is there to help you. With thousands of online dating services offering Russian girls for dating understanding that Ukrainian women starts getting their own corner on the market, you are now provided with dating sites where you can look for a Ukrainian girl. Try to check out on Yes Dates. The only thing you should do is to avoid dating scams, which can be easy if you follow the short list of simple rules:

Stick with reputable dating services

It is always better to stick with reputable services, it may not be the ultimate protection from online dating scams, still your personal and financial information will be safe. Using low-profile dating sites can get you into trouble, because they may be created directly by the swindlers. So dig some information on the dating site, before you start using it.

Get to know your girlfriend

It is easy to fell for a person whom you're communicating with via chatting, but you must keep in mind that your chat-mate is a stranger. The only information you know is the one she gives you. So, you need to take time to get to know your chat-mate. There is no need to rush, no matter how charmed you are. You need time to make sure that the person your chatting with is the one whom she claims to be. Learning about Ukraine may help you figure, how trustworthy your online girl is, as it may sound suspicious when a Ukrainian girl knows nothing about her homeland.

Research your girlfriend online

Nobody wants to be fooled, but researching your girlfriend online is for your own safety. Check if they have accounts on social media, check their profile pictures via Google Images. It is almost impossible that someone nowadays won't have a facebook account. Check romantic phrases that she sends. And pay attention to the language. If her profile states that she doesn't know English well, and her vocabulary size is bigger than yours, it may be the sign that you are chatting with a swindler.

Tips to Lure Ukrainian Girl

So, you know where you can meet Ukrainian women, now you need to know how to lure them. Yep, whether you like it or not, there are some tricks you should know in order not to scare away your Ukrainian beauty. So, without further ado, meet the tips on how to lure Ukrainian girls.

Sense of Humour

Ukrainian girls love guys with a sense of humour, so joking is a must, when you want to lure a girl. Ironical attitude to life and jokes will work much more better, than trying to seduce her with your bank account. But, before doing that, it is better to learn about topics you can joke about, because some jokes can really offend a Ukrainian girl. Especially jokes about Ukraine. You can joke about their politics, but don't ever joke about their history. And it is hard to make it, as history and politics are often inseparable.


Don't forget to tell your Ukrainian girlfriend that she is looking magnificent. Don't keep your compliments only to her appearance. If she's saying something smart or telling something interesting, don't forget to compliment it too. Underline your compliment with her name. Her name will emphasize that it is her, her beauty and views that are important to you. But, don't say it too often, because she may start thinking that you're just trying to flatter her on every occasion.

Gifts and Flowers

Every Ukrainian girl is entitled to get a little present. Moreover, a gift is the best way for man to express his attraction. You must remember, that the gift mustn't be too expensive, because a Ukrainian woman can misinterpret it as you trying to buy her. So, forget about diamonds, pearls, and golden rings, for a while. A small gift is a way better, if it means something for her. Think, maybe it is a book or a trip somewhere? And don't forget to send flowers, as Ukrainian girls enjoy being presented with flowers. One thing, learn what flowers she likes beforehand.