Ukrainian Wedding Traditions

June 26, 2017Posted by Admin


Young brides all over Ukraine show the tendency to ignore Ukrainian wedding traditions and to follow American or Western ones. Thus, if you are going to marry a Ukrainian girl, don’t worry about your culture gap too much. Of course, there is a number of Ukrainian women, who respect their traditions and tend to plan a traditional Ukrainian wedding. Well, I cannot call it a true traditional wedding; it looks more like a mix of wedding traditions form the U.S. and Ukraine. Thus, let’s take a look at both ancient wedding traditions and modern wedding traditions Ukrainian women tend to follow.

Ancient Wedding in Ukraine

The engagement process was different from what Ukrainians call it now. It was more than giving an engagement ring and proposing. Five centuries ago this process included a wedding contract. It was recorded in government books and signed by witnesses and bridegroom. The relatives and friends were summoned to the engagement. They also agreed about dowry and wine during the engagement. The dowry included things parents were willing to give to the bride: money, golden and silver jewelry, necklaces, silverware, copper and zinc, clothes, horses, servants. If the bride had no brothers, then the dowry also included land. He also recorded the wines, time and place of the wedding ceremony. It was also common to record the amount of money one party should pay to another in case if they do not comply with the conditions. After the wedding ceremony, the wife dispossessed her own or acquired estates, and had the right to sell, give or pledge it.

The matching process is the one when the groom comes to the elders. The groom, along with the elders, the experienced people known in the village or town, took bread and gifts and went to the house of the bride. If the girl's parents agreed to what they proposed, they gave a blessing and the bride brought embroidered towels to the groom and the elders. If the girl did not agree marry, she would bring a pumpkin instead of towels.

In a few days parents of the bride went to the groom’s place to “look around”.

Modern Marriage in Ukraine

The modern Ukrainian wedding has a few things in common with ancient Ukrainian traditions. The wedding bread is still popular and is considered to be a sacred attribute of the wedding ceremony. Ukrainian women for marriage believe that the wedding bread may show who will become the head of the family. Well, all you need to do to get to know it is to take a large bite of the wedding bread during the ceremony. Thus, if the groom’s bite was bigger, he would become the head of the family and vice versa.

We live in the 21st century and there is nothing weird about changing traditions. Ukrainian ladies for marriage tend to ignore the ancient Ukrainian tradition to pour wheat and rye around the bridegroom, which symbolizes their future wealth. It becomes popular to have flower-girls instead. Ukrainian girls consider these angels to be perfect for marriage.

Both shower parties nowadays look more like American ones. Today, shower parties are fun parties, holidays, trips with greetings, entertainment and raffles. Mostly, the organization of this party is held by friends, who are trying to turn it all into the event with an unexpected surprise. It is traditionally both for groom and for bride to fully enjoy the single life and let go of it, entering into a new life - a family.

The following tradition is also new for Ukrainian girls for marriage, but becomes more and more popular among them. Thus, if you want to marry a Ukrainian woman do not be surprised with the swapping wedding vows tradition. Nowadays, many Ukrainian women consider it to be one of the most touching parts of the wedding ceremony. This is a special moment for expressing your feelings, saying those words that you have not told each other yet. Today's wedding vows can be voiced not only during the wedding ceremony, but also during the banquet, or when you stay alone. It is important that your words are sincere and go from your heart. If it's hard for you to express all your feelings - you can look for the quotation for vows and pick up the one, which has special significance for you. But still, you should try to write a wedding vow on your own firts.