Do Ukrainian Girls Like Asian Guys?

May 31, 2017Posted by Admin


What do we know about Asian guys? There are a lot of prejudices and clichés about people from Korea, China and Japan. You know, a lot of women actually prefer Asian men, because they are somewhat special, not like American or European men. So do Ukrainian women like Asian men? Can you mix Slavic and Oriental culture? I guess we are about to find out.

So here are some reasons why Asian men and Ukrainian women could be a great combination:

1. Asian guys are cute. But not in a way “I guess you’re…cute” – in a good way. Ukrainian women are getting tired of those vicious men that try to conquer the Earth; also they start disliking awkwardly indifferent males. Asian guys often resemble Ukrainians nice next-door boyfriends that are really cute an innocent, but act manly in serious situations. Ukrainian women like Asian men, because their behavior is exotic and very different compared to compatriots.

2. Ukrainian girls like shy guys. Again, shy, not frozen. Asian men appreciate Oriental culture where passion and relationships have a huge impact on peoples’ lives. Sex is not sold as it happens to be in most European countries. A real feeling is what matters here. Japanese and Korean guys show their compassion in a different way than a Russian does. When an Asian man gets to meet a Ukrainian woman, he is shy and doesn’t hassle to take her home or some of that stuff. He would rather ask for a pen, or write a letter, without straightforwardness and vulgarity. That way you definitely feel like you are treated the right way, not just being hit on.

3. Ukrainian girls reach for the rich. And Asian men are the one to provide the family with the right amount of money. In Asian countries patriarchy is quite strong, and a lot of men by the age of 20 want to work their buttocks off to acquire a big capital, to find a wife and a good job. So if an Asian man decides to marry a Ukrainian woman, she will be safe and self-contained.

4. Asian men are caring. They will always ask a date what they want for dinner, where they want to go, what they want to do. You will just have to help him with a decision, but this culture overall is very caring and accepting, so you won’t feel left out anyway.

5. Asian men are traditional. An when it comes to traditions, who can understand Asians better than Ukrainians and Russians. No, it is actually hard to understand why a certain national group would act a certain way. I mean, who besides Slavic people get the idea of cultural unity, perks and other traditions. We can value and appreciate when a person sticks to his or her traditions, so the understanding should be great.

6. Asian men are generous. Not only the want to feed the family and succeed in life, but men after 30 will definitely fulfill your biggest girl dreams, including purchases and flowers (if you ask them, of course). But, guessing the hints are not their strongest side, so you will have to talk your intentions out quite understandably.

7. Asian men are serious. Especially when it comes to relationships, Asian men are not playing any games. They are not searching for a one-night stand, trying to have fun. It is disrespectful in spiritual countries like that. If a Japanese man or a Chinese guy talks about marriage, he is not having fun. It is a very serious decisions, and marriage, as well as a workplace should be chosen wisely without any wishy-washy tricks.

8. Asian men are reserved. And reserved men are a big surprise for Ukrainian women. Overall, people of this culture are not talkative, they don’t boast or brag about wives, sex life or conflicts. If you are not searching for a school boy, reserved men are the best choice for you.

9. Ukrainian women love calm men. Everyone once in a while is getting tired of conflicts. But if your man is a quick-tempered jerk, things might get even worse. At first Ukrainian women are scared of this tranquility, but as the time goes by they start totally liking living without conflicts and quarrels. Isn’t that lovely when two people can get out of the sticky situation quietly?

10. Asian men are sensible. Coming from a paragraph number 9, Chinese, Japanese and Korean men are quite clever and intelligent. They now what decisions to make, how to behave in a certain situation. They are not loud and in-your-face type of men, and you are going to like it!