How to treat a real Ukrainian girl

February 26, 2017Posted by Admin


How to treat a real Ukrainian girl

Each of us wants to earn respect in the women’s eyes. The thing is that sometimes it’s not so easy to do it. Especially it concerns ladies from Ukraine. First of all, to be respected, you must know how to treat a Ukrainian girl.

Here are a few tips that can help you do it right.

You are the one who chooses

When dating Ukrainian girls, you can make the very first mistake even before you start talking to them. By considering that they are the only ones who have the right to choose a partner, and men must prove that they deserve to be with them, you’ll immediately put yourself in a dependent position.

Men have long believed that they must prove their "worthiness" to the woman they seduce. This idea is beneficial to everyone - not only women but also sellers of beautiful cars, chewing gums, shampoos, etc.

Women themselves, by the way, are satisfied with this, so they continue to pretend that you must comply with their ideas. And what happens if you start thinking the other way? Perhaps for you, it will be a discovery but a man, by nature, is the one who chooses whom he wants to see by his side. This shows your strength which is so appreciated by Ukrainian ladies.

Make decisions yourself

When dating Ukrainian women, be ready to decide where to go, what to do, and when it will happen, yourself. A lot of guys ask their girls where they want to go instead of just taking them there.

"Well, what about her comfort," you may ask. Believe me: even if she feels a little uncomfortable in a place you took her to, she’ll get over it simply because it was your decision.

But asking her where she wants to go isn’t a good idea. And even if she suggests a place for a date herself, don’t agree. This way she is, most likely, testing how far you are ready to go to please her. That’s how you shouldn’t treat a Ukrainian woman.

Communicating with a girl

When looking for Ukrainian girls for dating, remember, that communication for them is essential. So, what it should be like? You won’t find the right answer, as all people are individual. Some like a person being serious, others prefer jokes, etc. However, there are several overall recommendations.

Be natural

Try to be yourself. Being natural is simple – conversation becomes much easier, and your companion would like to know you more.


All Ukrainian women for dating love compliments. Flatter your girlfriend; she should hear as many compliments from you as possible.

What to talk about

At the beginning of a relationship, topics for discussion arise themselves, as both of you are trying to learn more about each other. However, the further things go, the more difficult finding a topic to discuss gets. Often, after several months of relationships, many couples just don’t know what to talk about.

What you shouldn’t talk about with a Ukrainian girl:

- Your problems at work, with a car, etc.

- Your relationships with her

- Other girls

- Unfaithful women

- Jealousy (you can be jealous, but do not overdo it)

- Things that the girl doesn’t understand (if you talk about something, but she just keeps silent and listens and even doesn’t ask anything, she is not interested)

- Ex-girls

Don’t forget that you can make compliments during conversations.

Show that you care

Make her pleasant surprises from time to time. Show your love to her. Protect her, maybe even give advice. However, if your relationships are going too smoothly, she’ll quickly get used to them and start taking you for granted. Therefore, sometimes you should do something to remind her that you’re not obliged to do everything she expects from you. This way she’ll always appreciate your help and will not get used to it.

These are a few easy ways to treat a Ukrainian lady right. Some of them always work well; others don’t. That depends on women’s character.