How to Win a Ukrainian Girl’s Heart

November 25, 2016Posted by Admin


Merits and beauty of Ukrainian women are indeed unsurpassable. Although online dating sites are mostly oriented on single men from Western Europe, Oceania, and the USA, Asian guys also wish to comprehend the mysterious Ukrainian soul. Therefore, we prepared a quick and simple guide for those who are willing to attract a perfect match!

1. Introduce yourself in the right way

No matter where you do it – in real life or online – it should be done flawlessly. If you search for the love of your life on the Internet, bother to create a sufficient profile on an online dating site. Mind what pictures you upload and what facts you reveal about yourself.

2. Get open-minded

As your potential mate belongs to the foreign culture, prepare for certain challenges that will definitely occur throughout your communication. Remember about mentality gaps and know how to fill those in. We suggest you doing a bit of pre-research to find out more about Ukrainian women’s mindset!

3. Demonstrate your intelligence

Apart from being super gorgeous, Ukrainian girls are also famous of their high level of intellect. They value a good education and normally have a good command of foreign languages. It’s natural that they wish to date someone equal – if you are brainy, don’t hesitate to show this to her!

4. Use your sense of humour

By all means, this is one more easy way to touch any girl’s heart. Great if you’re capable of cracking good and relevant jokes. Yet if this isn’t your strength, try to advance your skills in order to really impress your Ukrainian lady. Of course, your humour should be totally polite and unambiguous.

5. Be gentlemanlike

Even in our era of gender equality, most women still appreciate courteous men. This especially refers to romantic and feminine Ukrainian girls who support the traditional conception of love relationships. Demonstrate excellent manners and watch out your speech so she will evaluate your gallantness.

6. Call her name

Both live and online, address your prospective Ukrainian bride by name as this helps you build the stringer connection. Eons ago, psychological studies showed it is highly efficient in bringing two people closer to each other.

7. Take the initiative

Ladies in the Western world get more and more independent with time, it’s known. Seems like they barely need any special attention from men. On the other hand, Ukrainian girls still prefer being wooed and courted by guys – keep this in mind and be decisive!

8. Work on your outer attractiveness

We already mentioned the beauty of Ukrainian ladies. Not only they are gifted by nature, they wish to even make their appearance better (is that even possible?). So these girls typically look for men who’d match their stunning look. Mind how you look and don’t forget to dress up.

9. Prove your confidence

As you might already figure out, Ukrainian women are into manliness. And self-sufficiency, confidence, and leadership are surely the core features of a real man. It doesn’t mean you should get overly brutal or assertive around a Ukrainian girl, just display your strong points and don’t focus on your weaknesses.

10. Take an interest in her

Surely, nothing could be more attractive. When we feel someone is really eager to know more about our life and personality, we instantly like this person. Promote your communication skills! It’s super important to be both a great listener and a sufficient speaker to sustain her interest in you.

11. Keep the boundaries

The concept of personal space is essential for different cultures. Remember to pay your Ukrainian match enough respect: don’t push her to disclose any too intimate details, avoid tackling the topics of sex unless you already know each other well, and let her feel comfortable by your side.

12. Define your purposes

You won’t probably be astonished by the fact Ukrainian ladies fall for determined men. They take dating quite seriously as they are family-oriented: every single guy they meet may turn out to be Mr. Right. Set your dating goals in advance and let her be aware of them. Be honest and sincere with her!

13. Embarrass her culture

Ukrainians are rather a patriotic nation despite all those problems they have in their country. So if you wish to conquer a heart of a girl from this country, we strongly recommend you show your appreciation of her native culture. Not to mention it’s indeed entertaining.

14. Pay her compliments

This is one of the handiest tricks to use. It is not enough to just be amazed with a Ukrainian woman, you should convey this to her. Consider none of your compliments should be backhanded. Don’t focus on her body too much, pay attention to her mind capabilities and personal traits as well.