7 Essential Rules of Successful Asian Dating

July 27, 2020Posted by Admin


Nowadays, people are not limited to one area where they can start looking for a partner. Interracial marriages are not a new thing. Moreover, they are pretty common these days. Asian women have been popular among foreigners for many years.

Where to Look for a Real Ukrainian Girl?

July 31, 2017Posted by Admin


After the dissolution of the USSR western men got crazed on the idea of dating a Russian girl, but to their ultimate surprise it turned out that the country of the failed communism comprised from over 15 countries, with Ukraine being the second largest. So, after western got a little bit fed up with Russian girls, their attention switched to dating Ukrainian women.


Ukrainian Wedding Traditions

June 26, 2017Posted by Admin


Of course, there is a number of Ukrainian women, who respect their traditions and tend to plan a traditional Ukrainian wedding. Well, I cannot call it a true traditional wedding; it looks more like a mix of wedding traditions form the U.S. and Ukraine. Thus, letís take a look at both ancient wedding traditions and modern wedding traditions Ukrainian women tend to follow.


Do Ukrainian Girls Like Asian Guys?

May 31, 2017Posted by Admin


What do we know about Asian guys? There are a lot of prejudices and clichs about people from Korea, China and Japan. You know, a lot of women actually prefer Asian men, because they are somewhat special, not like American or European men. So do Ukrainian women like Asian men? Can you mix Slavic and Oriental culture? I guess we are about to find out.


How to Kiss a Ukrainian Girl in the Right Way

May 30, 2017Posted by Admin


Kiss is a very touching and exciting moment. Those men, who want to start relationships, have to know how to kiss a Ukrainian girl. Do you remember those trembling in your knees, inexplicable excitement, your breathing, your emotions, and all the new sensations associated with kissing? Did you like it? If yes, then now you will learn some tips and strategies that can help you kiss a Ukrainian woman.


What you need to know about dating a Ukrainian woman

March 25, 2017Posted by Admin


Ukrainian brides are indeed one of the most popular girls among modern men. In fact, for the last twenty years, the number of new couples composed of a Ukrainian girl and a foreign man has increased dramatically. No wonder that men from all over the world prefer these girls to their fellow citizens.


How to treat a real Ukrainian girl

February 26, 2017Posted by Admin


Each of us wants to earn respect in the womenís eyes. The thing is that sometimes itís not so easy to do it. Especially it concerns ladies from Ukraine. First of all, to be respected, you must know how to treat a Ukrainian girl.


How to Win a Ukrainian Girlís Heart

November 25, 2016Posted by Admin


Merits and beauty of Ukrainian women are indeed unsurpassable. Although online dating sites are mostly oriented on single men from Western Europe, Oceania, and the USA, Asian guys also wish to comprehend the mysterious Ukrainian soul. Therefore, we prepared a quick and simple guide for those who are willing to attract a perfect match!